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How to Create More Social Media Content


Are you stumped for where to start filling all those social media, blog, and eNewsletters each months? I share tips from my roots as a journalist to help you fill all of those digital marketing slots with consistent, engaging content.

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Three Ways to Maximize Your Facebook Ad Spend

Do you wonder if all your advertising dollars are really getting you the return on investment you'd like to see?

Wonder no more, with three quick fixes that will help ensure you get the most bang for your buck:

1. Make it about the customer: Why would your future customer be interested or intrigued? What information are you sharing that they really want to know? What's in it for them? Put that up front. Be sure your copy is customer-centric!

2. Target! Having a targeted audience means the most interested parties will find it first. The best way to do this is by using the "interest" function on the Facebook ads. Then narrow down the location. Sometimes either one of these will put you in the red, but then you just expand with more miles or an added, similar interest. Voila!

3. Shorties: Keep the time frame short so you get the most bang for your buck, while ensuring the broadest number of people see it as possible. Start with a reasonable number, such as $10 for 5 days, and then play...

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The #1 Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Marketing Right Now

There is one marketing fail I've seen across the board that hurts businesses, coaches and solopreneurs.

It's the single biggest way they get disconnected from their fans, customers, and future clients.

Here it is:


Have you ever heard the quote, "Consistent action creates consistent results?"

What more are you looking for than RESULTS?

Look no further than consistency, then.

Fortunately, it's an easy fix.

Why It Matters

1. It builds trust, reliability, and dependability - all things you want your customers to associate you with!

2. Customers know when to expect you: eventually, they'll pick up on it, and start looking for your posts then. This increases viewership, which is never a bad thing!

3. You'll be heard above the noise. If you post at random, you become part of the noise.

4. If you consistently offer your customers value, then when you are ready to make a sale, they'll be more receptive. 

There are many good reasons to set up a consistent posting schedule....

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Weekly Q&A: Should I boost my Facebook Post?

A small business recently asked: "Is it worth it to 'boost' a Facebook post?"

There are three keys to successful Boosts:

1) Have a specific goal. First, what is the post about? Are you trying to drive people to something specific, such as attending an event? Boosts are great for that. Are you trying to share a success story or perhaps positive news story about your company to buoy your reputation? Again, Boosts can help. Is it a cute photo of your cat, or something else not related to what the customer will get? 2) Have a target audience The key is a very specific, tailored audience that reflects the customer segment you're trying to reach (this works best if it's local.)

3) Start small Spend just a little bit to start. You can always spend more if it is meeting (or exceeding!) your goal. Plus, you might be surprised. If you follow #1 & 2, you might not need to spend as much as you think. I've grown event revenue 6x on $25 tickets ... from a $10 boost. Bigger is not...

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The importance of messaging

When your clients and customers load your website, what do they see?

What does your business card tell them?

How about your Facebook page, or your emails?

I've seen many businesses who have very beautiful, robust websites.

The problem is, I have no idea what they're selling or how I can get it. And in the information age, you have all of three seconds before you've lost a potential customer's attention.

Here are some quick ways to hook a customer right away:

1. Know your message If you don't know what you're selling or how your customers can get it, how will they?

2. Keep it simple Too many times people want to blurt out everything they do, in the hopes that a wide net will catch many fish. Unfortunately, this has the opposite effect. Confusion scares them away ... sort of like a wide net lets fish see it coming from a mile away. What's your biggest goal? That should be front and center.

3. Create consistency No matter what the medium, from business card to blog, be sure your simple...

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Five Launch Lessons for Your Social From Taylor Swift's Latest

Taylor Swift is the queen of hype. Here are five lessons from the launch of her latest single, "ME!" that you can apply to your next big announcement.

1. Plan for the Long Term

Taylor didn't start posting on social about her new single the day before it launched. She dropped hints as far back as before her last album, two years ago. She began posting clues for her fans seven months before anyone knew an announcement was coming. This gave her time to build hype and engagement, priming the largest audience possible. This contributed to a record-breaking first day for her debut.


2. Be Coy

No one likes blatant sales attempts. Taylor is the master of the clue. She never elaborated on what she was promoting. The posts look like glimpses of her life or current interests. Even when she was actively alluding to it, her captions were simply "4.26," the day of the launch. (She also used the great excitement builder of a countdown!) Fans thought it was everything from a lifestyle site...

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